Sunday, 28 August 2011

Speed Runs of the Week 3

Tools Assisted Speedrun (TAS)

N64 Goldeneye007 in 30:42.48 by Wyster & Scaredsim

Rather than taking the usual stealthy strategy, secret agent 007 treats this first person shooter like any other and runs around shooting things with a complete disregard for human life, including his own. The name is S....TAS.

Highlight: Train mission.

Real Time Speedrun (Not Tools Assisted)

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Hero Side Story Single Segment Speed Run
in 29:09.01 (No Deaths) by son1cgu1tar

Sonic Adventure 2 was originally out on the Dreamcast in June 2001 to celebrate 10 years of the Sonic franchise. It also got ported onto the Nintendo Gamecube in less than a year later. This speed run starts off a fresh file (no powerups, new skills from start) and shows some advance execution even when the game gives you the worse camera angles in existence. Although the real time video is roughly 40 minutes, the run aims for the fastest in-game time you get per stage and boss fight. To make the run a bit more challenging, on Knuckle's stages, you have to find 3 Pieces of the Master Emerald (or Keys in Death Chamber) but they are not always at the exact same spots meaning the locations of each piece is random. This also means that some attempts are better than others all because of the locations alone.

Highlight: Crazy Gadget, enough said.

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