Sunday, 4 September 2011

Speed Runs of the Week 4 & Special mention

Tools Assisted Speedrun (TAS)
Megadrive Golden Axe (JPN/USA,r1) in 07:01.95 by Mukki

The first notable console port of a classic arcade game. Although it lacks the 'Golden Axe' that Gilius Thunderhead wields, it makes up for it by having 2 extra stages and a survival/vs mode.

Highlight: The dumbest artifical intelligence you'll ever see on a Sega Game and how the credits is longer than the actual gameplay.


Real Time Speedrun (Not Tools Assisted)

Clue: Speed Run on SNES by Molotov

It's a board game, nuff said.
Highlight: Blink and you miss it.

Special mention

First ever TAS submission of a Gamecube game

Yep now accepts Gamecube games, the only unfortunate part is that the emulator isn't stable and doesn't run on every PC/MAC... the emulator doesn't work on my PC yet. This run aims for entertainment only which the term TAS also stands for Tools Assisted Superplay. The author of the run did say that he is planning to redo/update the run by TASing the credits sequence and hopefully better fights. I hope the author chooses a different character (other than Fox) because when using Fox, despite being Top Tier in human play tournaments, the TAS runs mostly abuses his Shine attack and infinites, other characters I've only seen briefly uses a bit more variety.

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