Sunday, 18 September 2011

Speed Runs of the Week 6

Tools Assisted Speedrun (TAS)

NES Rockman by Shinryuu & FinalFighter in 12:23.34

Rockman is the Japanese name of Mega Man.

When "perfection" is defined as "as fast as possible", it requires some sacrifices. Indeed, this movie sacrifices a lot in the playability of the game. Full of tricks to pass through walls, tricks to avoid mandatory battles, tricks to pass through enemies relatively unharmed, tricks to acquire weapon refills in little time — there is very little in this movie left that resembles normal playing. Even death is used as a viable playing strategy that saves time. All of the tricks are still performed by the means of mere controller input, even though significant portions of the input were calculated by a computer program.

This movie is a considerable improvement of 3:04.39 to the previous run; this is mainly due to a new technique which tricks the game into calling an 'end of level' object.

Of course, upon watching this movie, one does have to question something... is it Mega Man saving the world? Or Dr. Wily trying to save it from absolute destruction?

This run has won three awards in 2010 on the TASvideos site including:
Glitchy TAS of 2010
NES TAS of 2010
Best overall TAS of 2010

Highlight: The credits, it's a mess.

Real time run (Not Tools Assisted)

Metroid Fusion - SS 1% Speedrun in 0:49 (In-game time of 49 minutes) by BioSpark

Metroid Fusion came out in November 2002, for those who have played through the game will probably remember how deadly the enemies were part way through the game. The runner picks up the lowest amount of expansions (which is only 1 Missle expansion, 0 on both Energy Tanks and Power Bomb expansions). With only 99 units of life, most of the enemies and later bosses have enough power to kill you in less than 3 hits!! That alone is pretty impressive and the runner had the guts to say that the boss fights were the easiest parts.

Highlight: Ridley X boss fight!

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