Friday, 4 November 2011

Hype month

November is the month of hype, loads of triple A titles coming out this month.

The DS and PSP are a bit left out this month thanks to the successors of the 3DS and the PSVita (out February 22nd but over a month in Japan).

On the console branch, the Wii does have a few good exclusive titles including:
The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword,
Kirby's Adventure Wii &
Mario and Sonic at the London Olympic games

Xbox 360 Kinect has 2 notable games including:
Kinect Sports: Season 2 &
Dance Central 2
The console also has 1 remake coming out to celebrate 10 years of the franchise:
Halo Combat Evolved: Anniversary.

Not only the single player campaign is visually enhanced but it contains a DLC code to unlock the newest multiplayer map pack based on the early Halo maps but it also includes a new Firefight map to be played on Halo Reach.

There isn't a lot of exclusive PS3 games other than:
Uncharted 3 &
Little Big Planet Special edition.
Uncharted 3 is already out and is receiving critical acclaim.

The 3DS has some big games that are coming out and no, they are not 'cheap' remakes/ports from the HD/N64 console including:
Super Mario 3D Land,
Cave Story 3D (first retail appearance)
Shinobi &
Sonic Generations (different to the HD consoles)

I would also include Mario Kart 7 but that game isn't out until early December!

On the third party games, there is an impressive amount including:

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Will CoD reach 1 million in the UK in less than 24 hours for the 3rd time running? Very likely, especially the trade-in deal at GAME that if you trade in Battlefield 3 you can get CoD MW3 for only 99p

Not everyone loves First Person Shooters, some people think there are too many of them. Here are a bunch of good games that does not involve guns in a first person view that takes place in a military war.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim,
Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3,
Rayman: Origins,
Metal Gear Solid HD collection &
Sonic Generations (Best Sonic game in a decade)

With the exception of Rayman: Origins, these games are out on HD consoles (Xbox 360 and PS3) and not on the Wii.

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