Sunday, 27 November 2011

Speed Runs of the Week 9

Yep after over a month hiatus it's back.

Tools Assisted Speed Run (TAS)

Mega Man and Bass (SNES) "100 CDs" parrot14green, woabclf, sparky in 38:07.6

Interestingly the SNES games were fading away after 1995 when Sony's Playstation finally came out, but this game was as out as late as 1998! But just because the game is 1998 doesn't mean the game is glitch free. This game is probably the most glitchy non-8Bit game for the entire Megaman Franchise. More interestingly the run collects all 100 CDs with only 1 character, which is impossible without the aid of Zip glitches.

Real Time Run (Not Tools Assisted)

Metroid Prime 2 100% Single Segment Speed Run in 1:56 (In-game time) by MilesSMB

This beats a ~5 year old run that was segmented by ~ 30 minutes which shows how much you can improve on games like this years later. The runner has some very high quality runs on the first 2 Metroid Prime games, he recently cleared a Segmented Any% on Prime 1 with the in-game time of 1:00. The first game came out in Nov 2002 so I am hoping he can produce a 0:59 on Prime 1 before Nov 2012.

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