Sunday, 15 January 2012

Awesome Games Done Quick 2012

What a marathon!

I've been following the Speed Demos Archive Charity Marathons since January 2010 and they have come a long way, if you don't believe me look below:
These major marathons took place during January each year.

Classic Games Done Quick
2010 Target: $5,000
2010 Final result : $10,000

Awesome Games Done Quick
2011 Target: $30,000
2011 Final result: $52,000

Awesome Games Done Quick 2012
2012 Target: $50,000
2012 Final result: $147,000

All of these marathons were raising charity for The Prevent Cancer Foundation, The overall earnings from these marathons alone is enough for nearly 10 years of cancer research.

I donated $8.55 this year, $3 was part of the Serious Time T-shirt I purchased online at and $5.55 was part of a chipin donation followed by a comment.

Here is a sample of a live speed run done by Cosmo, a very well known Zelda: Ocarina of Time player. This run had 12,000 viewers watching it live.

Expect another blog post soon.


  1. N64 controller, Captain Falcon, Kirby? What are you doing playing with those people, and not GBA / DS Link.

    We demand that background be posted someplace.

  2. .... they were based from the infamous drawings of the Brain Training TAS back in 2010/2011 :D.